Tuesday, May 22, 2012

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover

This is a product I have grown to love and cherish. And to think I wouldn't even have known about this product if it weren't for some of you ladies on LUUUX.

My cuticles aren't terrible, they're rather short, but they are rather noticeable whenever I am giving myself a manicure. This Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover makes the world of a difference and it's so quick and easy to use. All you do is unscrew the top of the bottle and squeeze some of the gel onto your cuticles along the base of your nail and under your nail tips. You wait roughly 15 seconds and gently push your cuticles back. I use the tip of my nail to do this and then wipe the cuticle that comes off on a napkin. I do my entire hand then wash my hands with soap and water. The bottle states to wash your hands immediately to get the excess gel off your fingers. There is no need for cuticle scissors, etc. I'm unsure as to what it would do if you didn't wash it off your fingers -- but, better to be safe than sorry, right?

In a matter of seconds your hands are transformed from "dreadful" to gorgeous. It makes the world of a difference to have a clean looking nail bed free of cuticles. It also makes the world of a difference in a manicure. This can be used on your feet as well to give yourself a pedicure. Just follow the same simple instructions and wash the excess off with soap and water. You can follow up with putting some cuticle oil on your cuticles once your hands are dry -- but that's optional and really a matter of personal preference.

The back of the bottle also states this can be used on calluses. The directions state to apply to calluses for 1 minute and wash away excess gel immediately with warm soapy water. I don't have any calluses so I have not tried this out but if you do have calluses or know someone who does have them give that method a shot -- it might work wonders for them.

There are some safety instructions with this, as there are with just about every product out there. You are not to touch your eyes during use and you are not to use this product more than twice weekly (does anyone's cuticles grow that fast??) or on any broken or sensitive skin since that would generally cause a lot more irritation than one would be looking for.
This product can be purchased at any major drug store (CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid) while it can also be purchased at stores like Walmart, Target and I have even seen them at Big Lots for $1.

Photo 1 - Product. Photo 2 - Nails with product on them. Photo 3 - cuticle free nails

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