Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FREEBIE: Mini OPI Nail Polish @ JC Penney!

I received this mini (3.75mL) OPI Nail Lacquer from JC Penney's salon for FREE! How did I get this for free? Well, I received a text message earlier in the month that read: Visit the nearest JCP salon and May and receive a complimentary quick hair touch up and an OPI nail polish.

Since I was running errands at the mall with my boyfriend this past weekend, I decided to pop on into JC Penney to see what they were giving out. The associate behind the counter didn't even speak of the complimentary hair touch up, she simply asked me what nail polish I wanted. I asked her what colors they had and she gave me the choice of Strawberry Margarita (which is what is pictured and what I chose - a gorgeous vibrant pink shade) or I'm Really Not a Waitress (which if you are familiar with OPI shades, it's a bright red shade which you would assume a waitress would wear).

It's definitely not a bad freebie if you have to go to the mall for other items. But I would not suggest making a special trip just for a mini nail polish.


  1. haha, I would have made a special trip to get this because I have a JC Penney like ten minutes away.

    1. Haha, well, you still have a few days if you do want to head out there!

  2. omg i opted in for the texts and i didnt get one bout it... i missed out :(