Sunday, November 17, 2013

Haul: Wonderstruck Perfume Knockoffs

I popped into Big Lots last week and noticed they had a wide range of new knock-off perfumes available. Up until last year, I refused to purchase knock-off perfumes ... but I tried the knock-off Sarah Jessica Parker perfume and was astonished as to how much it smelled like the original. Since then I've given knock-off perfumes a sniff when I've spotted them in stores.

I've wanted the Taylor Swift perfume for a while now. Last Christmas I purchased the 0.5 fl oz gift set at CVS and have been using it as sparingly as possible.  Then when Taylor Swift released Wonderstruck Enchanted I was in love with that and wanted that.  So when I spotted these two knock-offs at Big Lots, I gave them a whirl and I was truly surprised with how much they smell like the originals. So for $3.50/ea I picked them up.  I'm on a bit of a budget right now and spending $100+ on perfumes for myself isn't in the books ... so $7 for two for the moment is doable.

Have you smelled any knock-off perfumes lately that you were surprised smelled so much like the originals?

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