Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Viva by Fergie Eau de Parfum Spray

I purchased this Fergie perfume through Avon after smelling the scent on one of those “scratch and sniff” sort of pages in the catalog.  I went into knowing that the scents are not always true to what you smell in the book, but I found that the scent lingered on my skin for quite a while and that it appeared to be very attractive against my bodies’ chemistry.

I purchased the fragrance at an introductory $19.99 (I believe it is not $29.99 in recent catalogs).  The bottle itself holds 1.7 fl oz of product.  I am not the greatest at explaining scents, so the scent described in the catalog is as such: “A sexy contradiction of captivating cool herbs spiked with fresh lavender and intriguing vetiver.

The fragrance is packaged in a clear glass bottle, with a silver triangular accent down the middle along with a pull off top. The liquid is a pretty lavender shade, which does not transfer, it applies to the skin and clothing clear.

The scent itself is, at least on my skin, a long lasting one.  I spritz it on in the morning and I can smell it on me throughout the afternoon.  It’s a “stronger scent”, not overly bold, but it’s just beautifully balanced to showcase its presence and beautifulness.  There’s a bit of a “spicy” element to it, thanks to the herbs, which I very much like, while it’s also soft enough to let the floral scent be noticed.  It’s undoubtedly a unique, layered scent that I’ve grown to love very much.

Have you tried any of the Fergie perfumes sold through Avon?

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