Monday, April 8, 2013

BzzAgent Review: Lysol Touch of Foam

When I was invited to take part of the BzzAgent Lysol Touch of Foam BzzCampaign I have to say I was QUITE excited!

I happen to be obsessed with washing my hands.  It was something my mother grilled into me from an early age.  It's not truly an “obsession”, but if my hands feel dirty or if I've been touching things that aren't that clean (like in a dusty store, etc.) I feel "itchy" and have to wash my hands.  Because of this, my hands have gotten quite beaten up over the last year.  I work with a lot of paper at work and that mixed with the constant washing of my hands and the colder environment has truly wrecked my hands.  I have been looking for a soap that would not tear my hands apart or just further accentuate the roughness of my hands and I'm pretty sure I found my new holy grail.

From the first time I used this soap I have been hooked.  I’ve been looking for a soap that would not dry out my skin and this one does not do that.  It actually hydrates and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and as if I’ve just applied layers of lotion.  It also leaves a very gorgeous scent on my skin which lingers for a while.  It’s very soft and subtle, so it’s definitely not something that someone would smell on you from across the room.  It just makes me feel clean and fresh.  It definitely tones down the roughness on my hands, particularly where my skin is “cracking” due to my skin being beat up so much.  Completely fabulous!

I can’t rave about this hand soap any more … I need to stock up when it goes on sale.

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