Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini Grocery Store Udderly Smooth Body Cream Haul

I purchased this a little while back but completely forgot to post about it.  I’ve praised this Udderly Smooth Body Cream to the high heavens over and over again – so while I was at the grocery store, heading down the health and beauty section, I spotted a tub of the body cream.  I do know the miniature tubes are sold at local Dollar Tree locations but this particular tub had more product in it for a better value (I paid under $4 for it).

The body cream itself is amazing.  It’s incredibly moisturizing, greaseless, it doesn’t stain your clothing and it’s only mildly scented.  I wouldn’t call it a “scent” per-say, but it it’s more of an “unscented lotion” scent if that makes any sense.  The reason I feel this product is so great is because it was actually formulated for dairy cows to be applied to their udders.  There have been so many products introduced to the market which were originally formulated for the use on an animal but were later found to be useful in humans.

I carry a miniature version of the hand cream around in my purse and use it constantly.  I find my hands get super dry when I’m working because the city I work in must have hard water and it just damages my skin like no tomorrow.

You can check out the Udderly Smooth website to see the products they offer: http://www.udderlysmooth.com/.  I haven’t seen a lot of these products in store (only the lotions and creams), I wish I did, because I trust this brand so much I’d purchase a lot more of them.

Have you tried any of the Udderly Smooth products?

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