Monday, April 22, 2013

ScentSationals & Better Homes Scented Wax Cubes Haul

This is a few week old Wal-Mart haul!  As we know, I am quite obsessed with scented wax cubes for my tart burners.  I cannot walk into a Wal-mart without popping by the candle section and seeing if they have any more new ScentSationals or Better Homes wax cubes on the shelf.  I literally do not need another wax cube, but I’m obsessed with amazing smelling things and since I have burners in 4 rooms in my house (3 stand-alone larger units and 1 wall plug-in unit).  I happen to like really crisp, clean smelling scents and these four really peaked my interest so of course they had to find a spot in my cart.  In case you are not aware, these retail for $2/ea and contain 6-wax cubes in each container.

The scents I picked up are as follows:

ScentSationals – Vanilla Woods
ScentSationals – Illusion
Better Homes – White Suede Driftwood
ScentSationals – Fireside

Do you like the ScentsSational and/or Better Homes wax cube scents?

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  1. I absolutely love them. I think it's amazing that I can fill my home with an amazing scent for weeks at the price of just $2.00. I just purchased 2 new ones last week and am about to do a review on the product.

    -Chrissy of