Thursday, July 25, 2013

Klout Perk: Eclos Skincare

I was awarded a Klout perk which featured the Eclos skincare regimen.  I was excited to receive my perk and it arrived about a 4-weeks after I was received my initial e-mail.  The skincare is aimed towards anti-aging, which is a form of skincare I’ve been looking into adding into my skincare regimen since, well, I am aging (even though I still think I’m 25 – hah).  Once I get my acne skincare regimen set into motion and my face begins to clear and be relatively normal for a bit – I plan on trying to incorporate this line into my regimen but right now I need to focus on my problem area – acne.

The Eclos line is said to get your skin flawless, dewy and refreshed that you wouldn’t mind sharing your bare face with the world.

The items I received are as follows:

Eclos Daily HydraPrimer SPF 30.  This product is said to hydrate and prime, even skin tone and minimize fine lines and wrinkles while protecting with an SPF 30.

Eclos AM + PM Skin Prep Cleanser. This product is said to lift makeup and debri, purifies the skin without over drying and also calms, soothes and reconditions the skin.

Eclos AM + PM Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream. This product claims to hydrate and brighten, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promotes a smoother and more even texture skin.

Have you tried anything from the Eclos line?

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