Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!} Skin Perfecting Tinted Moisturizer with SPF15

I received a tube of Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream for reviewing purposes from Influenster.  I admit I was quite excited because I have been eyeing the new Olay Fresh Effects line at Target for weeks upon weeks, but kept telling myself I didn’t need anything right now.  Upon opening my box and realizing I received the Light to Medium shade I was a little hesitant.  Typically I purchase medium to deep BB creams since my skin is really no where near light, but I decided I’d give it a go.  Worst case scenario I’d have to wash my face after application if it didn’t match..

Product is packaged in a long, sleek 2.5 fl ounce tube.  It has a twist off cap which allows for easy control of how much product you dispense onto your hand.  I do enjoy how thin the tube is, which makes storing a lot easier because nobody truly enjoys big bulky packaging.  Price wise, it of course varies depending on where you shop.  Typically prices range anywhere between $10.97 up to $13.99.

After looking into the product, low and behold, it is only sold in two color combinations: Fair to Light and Light to Medium.  The Light to Medium was suitable for my skin tone. I have not gotten much sun this spring and summer so I’m on the lighter side of the spectrum but if I were to catch any sun this product would be too light for my face – but I could potentially make it work with a good amount of bronzer.  The BB cream itself does have a very pleasant sent to it.  I was expecting a chemically smell that sometimes comes with foundations/BB creams, but this one was a very clean scent almost florally.  It kind of reminded me of mountain rain scented laundry detergent (I love that scent, so that’s a good thing!).  The scent certainly doesn’t linger, as you begin to massage the product into your face, the scent dissipates, or at least becomes far less apparent.

This is available for purchase at all retail pharmacy locations – CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, while it’s also available at supercenters such as Target, Walmart and Kmart.  It can also be purchased from select online retailers such as,, and Amazon.

Overall, I find the BB Cream is okay but nothing to brag about.  I prefer a medium coverage BB Cream but this particular BB cream is very light coverage.  It did cover a tiny bit of redness on my face (around my nose) but it didn’t cover my acne scars or even any of my current acne flare ups.  I realize BB creams are not designed to conceal blemishes, but I find with my Garnier BB cream, it has more coverage and will conceal my acne far more than the Olay Fresh Effects did.  It does leave my face feeling moisturized although it is very unforgiving for oily skinned individuals (which is me to a T).  This is undoubtedly a product I need to wear a powder with to reduce the sheen that shines through almost instantly after application.  This is a give or take product for me … it’s not something I love, but it’s not something I hate neither.


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