Monday, July 22, 2013

Nordstrom Haul: Tom’s!

I have been fawning over Tom’s for months. Searching websites for sales (which I found were pretty much slim to none) and looking at the different styles available.  I knew I wanted the classic version, but I was also oogling over the crochet and a few patterns.  I kept saying to myself, I didn’t need them, so I’d wait.
Then the persistent want came back.  So my search for my Tom’s began … but this time I was focusing on sizing. Now I know I have wide feet and I know Tom’s brand suggests going down a size – so if you’re a 7 ½ you should get a 7 because the shoes stretch to your foot.  But I couldn’t find any information on wide feet. None. It’s like a nonexistent internet search (whodathunkit!).

After searching the Nordstrom website I stumbled upon a sale on Tom’s (not on the classics though).  So I ordered a pair of black classic and a pair of navy blue circle pattern Tom’s – in two different sizes.  When they arrived I found the 11 fit JUST right, but were tight and the 12 fit perfectly and were very comfortable just a bit long.  After talking to Nordstrom customer service I decided to re-order the Navy circle pair in a 11 to try out since Nordstrom has a perfect return policy.

Now the sizing trial begins … will my Tom’s stretch and fit my big ole wide feet?  Time will tell!

Do you own a pair of Tom’s?

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