Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Clearance Haul (#2)

So this is my second and final Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Clearance haul!  Every time these sales come around I tell myself I don’t need anything … but alas, I find myself on the website “window shopping” and I then find myself in the store, buying things.  Happens every time without fail!  I have no self control … and certainly no self control when it comes to a really good sale.

I combined my $10 off $30 coupon to get even bigger bang for my buck with this haul.  The great thing with those coupons is you get them one very single Bath and Body Works receipt AND they never expire!  I think they do this on purpose to trigger my mind (and yours too) into thinking “you’re saving more the more you spend”.

So here’s what I picked up:

  • Wild Peach Poppies body spray
  • Arbua Coconut body wash
  • Seaside Escape wall flowers, double pack
  • Bahama Fizz wall flowers, double pack
  • Twilight Woods wall flowers, double pack
  • Fresh Linen wall flowers, double pack

I’m all stocked up now … I’ve still got a few body washes and sprays from the last semi annual clearance haul (around Christmas) and I’ve certainly got enough wall flowers to last me for a while.

Did you pick up anything from Bath and Body Works during their clearance sale?

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