Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jordana Giveaway Winnings - Blues

A while back Jordana was offering a giveaway both on their Facebook and Twitter page. It was, I believe a month long giveaway, where every day different color combinations of products were being given away.  I signed up for the giveaway and received notification on Twitter that I had won.  Interestingly enough I won the blue shades which was coincidental because I have a minor obsession with blue nail polish.  Not sure why, but it’s just a shade of polish I’ve always liked.

I have tried some Jordana products in the past and I have enjoyed what I’ve tried.  I do own the easyliner so I’ll end up giving this back-up away at some point.  But here’s what I won!

-          Jordana Glitters nail polish in Carnival
-          Jordana Color Effects Eye Shadow in Twice the Fun
-          Jordana Easyliner for Eyes in Denim Blue

Have you tried out any Jordana products?

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