Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Haul!

Wet n Wild’s Spoiled nail polish line is on sale at CVS this week for 2 for $3! Typically these sell for $1.99 each and are sold exclusively at CVS, so I figured even though it was only a dollar savings buying 2, it was better to have that savings and to try some more shades from this line. So far, what I have tried, I have loved. I find since every CVS I go to, has different shades (I have yet to find a CVS that is fully stocked) I am over and over again finding something else I want. I had picked up 3 different polishes during this haul and one of them I only purchased because the sun was blasting through the front doors at CVS and the sun caught this shade and I could see blue, purple, green and I just HAD to have it.

Here’s what I picked up:
- Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish – Jewelry Heist. This is a clear based glitter polish, which has various sized glitters in it, small, medium and hexagon. The glitter shades vary from purple, blue, black, golden, silver, pink, etc. It’s really a pretty shade, one that I think will work fabulously with a lighter shade polish or even a white polish.
- Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish – Toad-ally Amazing. This is a mint green polish that has silver microshimmers in it. The microshimmers didn’t come out in the photograph, the sun was being battled by cloud after cloud when I was taking these photos – but there ARE silver microshimmers in it.. I thought it was very pretty. I don’t typically do minty colored polishes because they don’t always work with my skintone the greatest – but I wanted to give this one a shot because it was different and not flat.
- Wet n Wild Spoiled Nail Polish – The Parking Meteor Expired. I will say this is STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS in the sunlight, the shimmers in it reflect from teal to purple – but outside of the sunlight, it’s okay. This is a midnight blue/black polish which has flecks in it. I feel in love with this polish as the sun was glistening off it in the store and it had to come with me. I probably wouldn’t have even picked this up if I had not seen it’s gorgeousness in the sunlight!

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