Wednesday, February 29, 2012

$4.99 K-Mart Polish Haul!

I went to K-Mart yesterday to pick up a few things, but I was secretly going there for polishes. Incase you have not seen or it or heard about it but: On the back of the K-Mart flyer there is a Buy One Get one FREE coupon! Don’t fret if you didn’t receive the ad – there should be ads IN the store, just turn the ad over and it’s at the very top right hand corner, cut it out and bring it to the check out with you The coupon can be used on ANY nail polish. Of course you pay for the more expensive and the lesser expensive one is free. It’s a limit of one coupon per transaction AND you do need to have a K-Mart rewards card (which is similar to the Rite Aid Up+ Reward card or the CVS Extra Bucks Rewards Card).

My local K-Mart tends to have a lot of cosmetics at a pretty affordable price. They had a few Essie polishes and by a few I mean 1 of each shade and it was a really pale pink, a red and a medium-toned pink. Nothing that really caught my eye that I had to have … so I ran on back to the Milani section hoping to find the new glitter polishes, and thankfully I was able to find Pink Flare which I wanted SO badly after seeing Lyndsay’s post showing how it was a spot on dupe of OPI’s Teenage Dream. They did not have the red jewel fx polish, so I went with the purple which is SO gorgeous. I then went over to the Jordana polishes and was oogling over all the new glitter polishes they have. I was in a toss up between the blue, teal and red based multi-colored. The blue reminded me of Revlon’s Blue Mosaic so I put that one back and decided to go with the teal since it was unlike any glitter polish I currently own. I then luckily found the new NYC Matte Top coat! I saw they released this but all of my local CVS’ ONLY had the 4 new NYC shades but K-Mart was on top of their game and had this in stock!

Incase you are wondering how I got all this for $4.99, here’s the break down:
Milani polishes were (surprisingly) $2.99 each, which meant I paid $2.99 for TWO after the coupon!
Jordana polishes are $1.99 and the NYC was $2.19. The register freaked out, so the manager came over and for some reason punched it in that the NYC polish was free, so I paid $1.99 for the Jordana AND NYC polish!

So here’s what I picked up:
- Milani Nail Lacquer One Coat Glitter – Pink Flare. As I mentioned above, Lyndsay made a post about how this is a dupe to OPI’s Teenage Dream. This is stunning! A pink based polish with multicolored glitters in it. LOVES!
- Milani Nail Lacquer Jewel FX – Lavender. GORGEOUS clear polish with purple glitters. I can’t wait to give this a try!
- Jordana Glitters Nail Polish – Celestial. A gorgeous deep teal shade, the polish itself is a clear base but the glitters are micro, mini and medium sized teal glitters.
- NYC (New York Color) Mattifying Top Coat –Matte Me Crazy. I’ve already tried this out and will have a post coming, but this is a neat concept. This acts as a top coat, but it makes your polishes MATTE!

So there you have it, my $4.99 K-Mart polish haul!


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