Monday, February 27, 2012

$3.77 Target Haul!

You read that correctly, I only paid $3.77 for these three items!  How’d I manage to pull this one off?  Well, Michelle pointed out that there was a $2.00 off Revlon coupon available to print on, so I went onto the site and printed off the max that you can (which in most cases is 2, sometimes only 1 depending on the coupon).  I knew I REALLY wanted the Red Velvet lip butter and I was going to make it a priority of mine to find it at Target to get to use this coupon.  The only reason I went to Target yesterday was to 1) return a shirt I picked up for my little cousin because I needed a 3T instead of a 2T AND I needed a refrigerator light bulb.  Essentials, but the beauty section and I are BFF’s.

I found TWO Revlon lip butter displays; the first one only had Cotton Candy, Tutti Fruity and Fig Jam on it.  The other one had more, but since it was a little higher than eye level I was picking up colors and reading what they were on the bottom.  I just about squealed when I found the one and only Red Velvet in the store AND it was untouched!  Double score!  The lip butters sell for $6.49 at Target.  Since there wasn’t another lip butter shade available that caught my eye I started looking at the polishes.  I’ve been obsessed with neutral shades AND glitters, so I snagged a pink polish, expecting it to be $3.99 but it was an unmarked clearance item on sale for $1.98!  I then found the Yes to Carrots lip tint on the clearance shelf.  I had a$2.00 off any Yes to Carrots lip product that I had picked off a display I had seen a few weeks ago and was waiting to find a good opportunity to use it.

So here’s what I picked up:
-    Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter – Red Velvet. Originally $6.49, minus the $2 Revlon coupon, this came out to be $4.49.
-   Revlon Nail Enamel – Sparkling. Originally $3.99, on sale for $1.98. After the $2 off Revlon coupon the 2 cent overage went toward the remaining balance.
-    Yes to Carrots Lip Tint – C Me Blush. This was originally almost $5, but was marked down to $1.30 over a period of time. The 70 cents overage was put towards the rest of my purchase.

Overall not a bad deal at all!  I got the lip butter I’ve been searching for, for just about half price and got 2 products for free in the process.  Hooray Target!

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