Friday, February 17, 2012

Mini Review: Udderly Smooth Udder Cream

This here cream is a gift from god if you have dry, cracked or chapped hands due to the winter weather! This is a cute and surprisingly it’s one that was created to heal chapped/cracked cow udders. Yes, you read that right, this was originally created to treat cow teats. Somewhere down the line someone must’ve thought if this can work on a cow and treat and cure the problem, why can’t it work on humans? The ingenious person who came up with that idea wasn’t me BTW.

My mother actually introduced me to this cream a number of years ago. My hands get SO beat up in the winter months, dry, crack, split, and even get wind burn where the backs of my hands look like I have a serious bad case of road rash. I’ve made a post in the past about my hand routine using Vaseline at night to cure really bad dry/chapped/cracking skin. I still follow that process, but during the day, when my hands are getting increasingly uglier while I’m out, I’ve been using my udder cream and it really works wonders!

Udder cream is like any regular lotion, but it’s VERY thick, has no scent, absorbs into the skin instantly and truly does heal dry, chapped, cracking skin almost instantly. If you apply the cream a few times, you will notice a significant difference. My fingers lately have been splitting at the base of my fingers (where they web) and it’s really healing up, the skin isn’t visibly split anymore. They may look a little dry after you’ve washed your hands a number of times, but by simply applying a bit more udder cream and you’ll be good to go. You should be forewarned, this is not a cream you want to use if your hands are not dry. Since it doesn’t really have a target area (dryness, etc.), it’ll kind of just glide all over your skin, and you’ll have to truly work it in to get it to absorb. Also, don’t use a palm full, that’s WAY too much – a liberal squirt of this cream in your hands goes a LONG way. Udder cream can be used on both your hands and your feet. I’m sure you could use it elsewhere, but I haven’t tried it on my legs since my normal cocoa butter tends to take care of that for me.

If you’re looking to purchase Udder Cream, it’s available at most Dollar Tree’s for $1 for the 2 oz tube (which is what is pictured – I tend to buy mine there since it’s cheaper in the long run). It’s also available at Walgreen’s in a 4 oz tube for $2.99, or you can buy a 12 oz tub which is a body & udder butter for $4.99.

Overall, I LOVE this cream especially during the winter months.

Have you ever tried Udder Cream? If so, what were your thoughts?
What is your go-to lotion to treat dry skin?

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