Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Sugar Skull makeup

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it allows me to dress up, even as an adult and give out candy to the little kids who come by. The past few years I have gotten into dressing up more and more and each year my choice of attire has gotten more and more creative.

Admittedly this year I wasn’t sure what I wanted to dress up as – if anything at all. I wasn’t feeling inspired and about 2 ½ weeks ago I was struck with inspiration, so before that inspiration had a chance to dwindle away, I picked up a few face paints at Walmart and some flowers at the dollar store.

I was inspired to paint my face in full Sugar Skull fashion while recycling a gothic black and lace dress I had picked up last year.  I did my makeup with a rather following the inspiration as it came.  I used white face paint, black face pain, colored wax pencils, face primer, translucent powder, black eye shadow and black eye liner.  I primed my face and when it dried I applied the white face paint. Before I got near my eyes I drew out the circles around my eyes and around my nose with eyeliner, then filled in the remainder of my face with the white paint. I then used a cheap makeup brush from the dollar store to blot on the translucent powder to keep the white paint from going anywhere.  I then used a foam tip applicator and began to pat the black face paint onto my nose and eyes.  After this I patted black eye shadow on top of the black face paint to set it in place. I then used the eyeliner and wax pencils to begin drawing on my face with whatever I felt inspired to draw – spider web, upside down heart, spirals, a flowery looking design, etc.

To tie it all together I cut up some fake flowers and tucked them into my air, holding them in place with a headband.  Overall I am quite pleased with how my makeup turned out.

Sadly, it started to rain a little while before trick-or-treating began … so we didn’t get nearly as many kids as we normally get. So that leaves one question: what do we do with all this candy?!

Did you dress up for Halloween?

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