Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Haul (#1)

I started off the Bath & Body Works semi annual sale saying I don’t need anything.  Well … because I am a sucker for a sale and e-mailed information on sales always gets me, I ended up making a pit stop at Bath & Body Works and buying a few things.

I was completely out of the plug in wall flowers AND hand soap – so I decided to get a few things because honestly, it’s such a great deal.  I love Bath & Body Works hand soaps. I bought a couple bottles during the last sale and since I’m the only one who uses (my boyfriend doesn’t want to smell like a field of flowers – so he uses regular hand soaps) them they can be rationed.

As mentioned I’m a sucker for a sale … I’m also a sucker for a coupon.  I received a $10 off $40 coupon sent to me via text message from Bath and Body Works, so of course I had to put that to use.  Yeah, on the bottom of our receipts we always get a $10 off $30 coupon, but since those don’t expire and this one sent to me via text did, I decided to use that first.  Anyway!  Here’s all that I purchased:

Hand Soaps:
-          Moonlight Path
-          Raspberry Pink Peony
-          Island Margarita
-          Wild Honeysuckle
-          Island Nectar

Body Wash:
-          Wild Peach Poppies

Body Spray:
-          Daisy Dreamgirl

-          Peach Bellini (double pack)
-          White Barn Summer
-          Honeysuckle
-          Wallflower Plug-in unit

Have you purchased anything from the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale?

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