Tuesday, April 3, 2012

REVIEW: Simple Skin Care Refreshing Facial Wash Gel

First and foremost, I will say this product has TRULY changed my skin for the better! Why do I say this? I have been following an acne regiment (Retin-A) where my skin peels rather hideously. I had been buying and trying face washes, moisturizers, Vitamin E lotions, Cocoa Butter oils, etc., and nothing was really working. My face hurt, was dry, and was peeling regardless of how much I deeply moisturized, exfoliated, etc. I picked up a small travel size bottle of this at Target figuring I’ll just add this onto the list of other items I’m using. I had read online that Simple skin care was the UK’s #1 face product for sensitive skin. Figuring if it’s the #1 in the UK and it’s geared towards sensitive skin I might as well give it a try. Now my skin is generally sensitive to some items, but when using Retin-A it’s incredibly sensitive to everything – even sensitive skin items! I used it that night while taking a shower, putting a small amount in my hand, rubbed it over my hands and gently rubbed it onto my face. I was expecting it to sting like no other, because that’s what usually happens (even with items like Cetaphil) … and it didn’t. Okay, that was unexpected (I felt this way due to the general sensitivity of my face due to the continuous peeling). I rubbed it over my skin, cleansed my face and washed it off. Immediately I could feel my face felt smooth, but I thought perhaps it was just due to it being slick from being wet. I finished up my shower; toweled dry and gingerly patted my face dry. I went about my business, putting on my pajamas, taking care of my hair and I realized – my face doesn’t feel tight or feel like it’s cracking when I smile. That’s how it always felt prior to using Simple skin’s product. I felt like Joanne Rivers, my face was so tight I thought it would split from blinking or even making the slightest facial gesture. I’d run and lather on globs of lotion for just some relief … but I didn’t have to do that. My face felt amazing and refreshed and even an hour AFTER my shower, my face still felt smooth. Whaat? I realize this is not the moisturizing facial wash, but it’s completely gotten rid of all the surface issues I’d been suffering with. I have been using this product for, almost 2 months now and I love it to pieces. It’s my go-to face wash and I’ve branched out into trying out and using other Simple products (facial scrub, eye make up remover, etc.). I am completely in LOVE with this line and am so happy it’s now being sold in the US!

The Refreshing Facial Wash Gel comes in a translucent green tube which is sold in a full-size bottle (5 fl. oz. which retails $5.99-6.99 but less if found on sale) as well as a travel size bottle (50mL’s which retails $1.99 or less if found on sale). The packaging itself is pretty sturdy. It comes with a flip-top cap made for easy dispensing as you squeeze the amount of product you would like into your hand. The bottle shape is easy enough to hold and since it sits upright it also promotes easy storage either in the shower or out.

The contents are a clear gel, which is not very thick but is also not very runny; it’s in the middle in consistency. The product line is geared towards sensitive skin, although those with any type of skin type can use it. All of the items in this line do not contain perfumes or colors (there is no soap in this so it is NOT drying), are made from the purest of ingredients (they do contain vitamins), are dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic, and all the products do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

Simple skin care items are available for purchase in pharmacies and department stores throughout the US and UK. Originally these items were only available in the UK, but I want to say due to the acquisition of a US based company, it has since branched abroad. For stores that I have personally seen these for sale have been: Target (they also sell the travel sizes here), Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, CVS, and Walmart. These items can also be purchased from online retailers such as: Amazon.com, Drugstore.com, soap.com, Target.com, and Walmart.com.

I highly recommend this line to anyone who is in the market for a new skin care product – that being whether you have sensitive skin or not. It’s completely changed my face and has made following a generally painful acne regiment a breeze. I do have days where my skin does look a little flakey, but it’s nothing that some moisturizer won’t solve. Then again this particular Refreshing facial gel is NOT a moisturizing facial wash, but it does do wonders on my skin. It’s incredibly gentle and I am able to also exfoliate with my facial brush without it being over the top and hurting. When I exfoliate with this, I simply dip the head of my brush into the gel and massage on in circular motions over my face. Works like a charm!

Have you tried the Simple skin care line? If so, what is your favorite product of theirs?
Would you give Simple skin care a try?

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