Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Milani Cyber Monday Haul #2!

FINALLY! My missing/in limbo package arrived! The Monday after I received my first order, I had contacted Milani and was told that I needed to reorder all of my products and submit the order number to another girl in customer service to receive the 50% off and the free shipping. Then a few days later I called to discuss with the person on the phone to let them know I would be submitting my order – I wanted to get it all taken care of at once without any more mix-ups. Well, thankfully I called because the person I spoke to said that my order was in the mail and should be arriving soon. That just made me even more confused. I told the girl thank you and we ended the phone call. This experience has been an interesting one – Milani’s customer service I think is so scattered due to this Cyber Monday sale, plus people are going out on vacation due to the impending Christmas holiday that they’re not completely crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s. Anyway… now I need to wait to see if the $5 charge for shipping has been removed from my account since it states the cost for shipping on my packing list. Sigh.

Incase you are not familiar; Milani was hosting a sale on Cyber Monday which was 50% off all their products plus free shipping in the US. This was a perfect opportunity for me to try their products since I have not used any of their products in the past.
I had heard rave reviews about some of the Milani blushes so I decided to pick up two colors that I felt would work best for me and my skin tone. I ordered the face powder for my mom for Christmas since she’s been talking about wanting a new face powder. Now onto the goodies I ordered!

Products I picked up:
• Liquif’Eye Metallic Eyeliner Pencil – Black. Originally $7.99, paid $3.99!
• Baked Blush – Luminoso Originally $7.99, paid $3.99!
• Baked Blush – Fantastico Mauve Originally $7.99, paid $3.99!
• The Multitasker Face Powder – Light Medium Originally 6.99, paid $3.49
The blushes are absolutely gorgeous! I’ll be posting a review and swatch post once I have a chance to play around with my stuff. I have a lot going on this weekend, so we’ll see what I can get done.

Have you tried any of Milani’s products? 

Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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