Sunday, March 10, 2013

Goody Tangle Fix

I spotted this Goody TangleFix gentle detangler brush at Walmart last week after almost purchasing the Tangle Teaser on Amazon.  Originally I found it (the Tangle Teaser) for $9.99 on Amazon and when I went to order it, it was $19.99 – err, put the brakes on – NO thank you at that price.  So when browsing around Walmart, I decided to head down the brush aisle (which I typically don’t do) and gasped when I saw this.  I grabbed it, put it in my cart, finished up my shopping and ran home.  It was under $8 and after using it, it was worth every single penny.

When I grow my hair out, my hair gets tangled quite easily.  When my hairs shorter I can comb the tangles out without a problem – but when my hair grows past my shoulders, forget it.  If I don’t slather conditioner into my hair while washing, I end up tugging my hair with my brush when I’m combing it through.

I have used this both wet and dry and I have to say it works perfectly both ways!  No pain, no tugging, just a quick and easy brushing.  The design of the brush simply gets rid of the tangles without tugging at my hair.  I don’t know how it does it – or the mechanics of it, but it’s phenomenal and I’m SO glad I have this in my life now. Worth the investment AND the hunt if you’re looking for something to make combing your hair a breeze.

Have you purchased a detangler brush?

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