Monday, March 18, 2013

Haul: Wet n Wild - Going in the Wild Palette

I was browsing Instagram and Facebook a few weeks ago and saw a blogger posted a photo of a nude Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette.  Staring at my phone, I literally said “Whaaaat?”  I ended up googling the palette name and found out it was a limited edition spring palette – which apparently is very hard to find in stores.  My local pharmacies haven’t gotten them yet, but after going onto Nouveau Cheap’s blog I found a sighting map.  A lot of the sightings happened at grocery chains not in my area – but I noticed a few people had mentioned their local Christmas Tree Shop had the palette.

That put the hunt on – I started calling all pharmacies and Christmas Tree Shops in my area.  Every single one of them for days said they did not have the limited edition palettes.  Then on a whim a week later I decided to go shopping and I had to get a few things near the Christmas Tree Shop so I decided to take a peak.  After browsing where the limited edition displays would be, I was bummed – then walked down the Wet n Wild product aisle and nearly squeed.  There, sitting on the shelf was a single Going in the Wild palette.  Into my cart it went and off to the check out I went with all my purchases.

Now if I could only get my hands on the nude palette my life (haha) would be complete!

Have you spotted the new Wet n Wild limited edition Spring Forward palettes in stores?

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