Saturday, February 16, 2013

I received my replacement Clarasonic!


Well, that was a happy day about 3 or more weeks ago!  My new replacement Clarasonic finally arrived.  My Clarasonic that I had (and received from the LUUUX shop) wouldn’t charge.  It continued to make this god-awful pulsating sound and was pulsating so much that it was “crawling” across my counter and eventually falling onto the floor, into the sink, etc.  I submitted an e-mail request to Clarasonic to inquire about what their policy was, especially if a device was not a year old.  I submitted that request right around Christmas so I wasn’t expecting to hear back anytime soon since many businesses tend to close shop around that time of the year since half the work-force is usually on vacation.

I did hear back via e-mail and received a huge list of questions to answer and some trouble shooting tips.  So I replied back and waited … and waited and didn’t hear anything. So like two weeks later I called customer service and after being on hold over 20 minutes I got a live person, who I advised I submitted a claim online and he said he would initiate one and get me a new device out as soon as possible.  After providing all necessary information, about a week later the device was shipped to me from Washington – which took another week to arrive.

I was told I could keep the brush head on my dead Clarasonic.  Upon receipt of my replacement device there were 2 additional brush heads in each box.  SCORE!  In case you aren’t aware Clarasonic brush heads are a little pricy (generally $25/ea) so I was happy to see two of them because these will last me a little while.

After charging up my device for the full 24-hours it works like a charm and has become an almost daily part of my skincare routine.  I’ve noticed significant change in my skin and I love it.  Of course that means it brings some of the hidden pimples that were below the surface TO the surface, but that’s expected with any exfoliating.

Overall I am happy with my replacement and am appreciative of the Clarasonic warranty policy.

Do you have a Clarasonic?

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