Thursday, March 8, 2012

SheSpeaks FREEBIE: Simple Light Moisturizer!

I received a full-size Simple skin care Hydrating Light Moisturizer from SheSpeaks! How did I receive this freebie? I signed up to be part of their Simple Skin Care program, where I answered a few questions then went into a local Walgreen's to see if the beauty advisor in Walgreen's could provide me with some background information on the product. Upon going into Walgreen's, the beauty advisor was not there, but there was a kid working in the department stocking shelves, etc., and unfortunately he wasn't familiar with the product and just gave me a pamphlet off the display which had a $1 off coupon attached to it. Upon going home, I checked off that I completed the task and a 2 question survey. I answered it and was e-mailed that in a few days I'd receive a questionnaire to fill out based on my experience. All I had to do was type up a 500 character or less scenario as to what I experienced and submitted it -- then was told in 3-5 weeks I'd receive my free product as a thank you.

According to the paperwork received, they were sending out full-sized light moisturizer, moisturizing facial wash or the smoothing facial scrub. I personally own all of these products and love each and every one of them - so I'm glad to have a backup moisturizer now!

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