Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Color

I purchased this product while at CVS during their 75% off clearance sale.  The color was what immediately caught my eye.  Prior to this I had not purchased any Sally Hansen nail colors – but I have to say I really do like them, although the shape of the wand, etc., is annoying to me.  The polish I am reviewing I actually currently have my nails painted as (see my NOTD post here: ).  I have enjoyed this product and found it applies very well, dries semi-quick (it’s no where near instant) and wears very well as long as it has a top coat over it.  Here are my pros and cons for the Insta-Dry Fast Dry Nail Colors:

·         1-2 coats and your polish is opaque
·         Dries moderately quickly (polish will be smudge able by your fingertip if you touch it ~3 minutes after application but I found if you blow on your nails they dry almost instantly.
·         Wears very well with a top coat
·         Polish is very thick (a pro and a con)

·         Polish is very thick. Ends (near cuticle) could be lifted if picked at due to thickness.
·         Applicator brush is oddly shaped allowing excess polish to stay on the brush handle and then fall on your nail in large glops
·         Applicator handle too wide to really scrape along the inside mouth of the bottle when removing – so you have to take it out and scrape it over the top of the bottle which could become very messy easily
·         Not instant drying as the bottle states it does.

Overall I am pleased with this polish and will be looking into more color options in this line.

Have you used any of the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry nail colors?

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